5 Quick Ideas to Keep You Busy when the Weather’s Cold

It’s November. Soon it will be December. Oh, please make it stop. Anyway, these dark autumnal/wintry months often bring spouts of horrible, bleak, wet weather, so we’ve compiled a few ideas on how to keep busy (and dry) indoors.


Use this extra time indoors to perfect your cooking or baking skills. Many of us don’t have time in the day to make standard meals, let alone experiment with new recipes or get creative with baking. Use the extra time that you’ll spend indoors during these cold months to try out a new meal idea or bake a whacky cake. Not only will this pass the time but you’ll get something delicious out of it.


Jump into another world

Ok, so not literally. We’re sure that sometimes we’d all love to jump into another world and get away from the mundanities of day-to-day life, but that’s unfortunately not possible. What you can do however, is get stuck into a good book. With the busy lifestyles that many of us are leading, picking up a good book is an undervalued pastime. Wrap up warm with a cup of tea or whatever you fancy and spend an hour or two drifting away from the comfort of your living room to a world that’s a little more exciting.

Get crafty & creative

When was the last time that you bought a colouring book? It’s been said that colouring in is great for reducing stress levels and maintaining relaxation in not only kids, but adults too. If you’re too adamant that you’re an adult now, forget the colouring book and play into your creative side in other ways. Whether you love writing a good story, song or poem or you love a bit of arts and crafts, let the rainy winter evenings pass by stimulating your mind’s creative side and letting your imagination run wild.


Family games night – deal or no deal?

This one sounds a little cheesy, we’ll admit it. That doesn’t take away from the amount of fun that can be had though! Become a quiz master for the night and create a few fun, family rounds of questions with a little prize for the winner (not having to wash up, perhaps?). If you’re feeling a little more traditional, whack out the old Snakes & Ladders or Chess board and get everyone involved in a little friendly competition. Better than a family walk in the rain, right?

Get on with that darn DIY!

We know it’s a tedious task, but it has to be done. With the house being battered by cold weather and all that it brings (mould, leaks and other horrible things), it really is about time that you got round to sorting out those little niggly bits of DIY. That cupboard that’s hanging on by the skin of it’s teeth? Fix it! That scrape on the wall that needs painting over? Sort it! That messy spare room that is in dire need of tidying? Tidy it! Because spring cleaning isn’t just for Spring…

Got any other suggestion? How do you keep busy when the weather’s dreary? Let us know below!