Find Lasting Love for Your Skin with Lisa Harris Skin Science

Often easier said than done, it’s important to love the skin you’re in. With Lisa Harris Skin Science, that sentiment is one you can maintain.

Based in Weybridge, and with a clinic also in Knightsbridge, Lisa Harris Skin Science offers a wide range of bespoke aesthetic skin treatments aimed at ensuring your skin stays on top form.

Combining science and beauty therapy, each treatment is tailored to fit your individual needs, including non-surgical alternatives and a complimentary consultation with one of their professional aestheticians to get you started.

Working with the renowned Dr Hilary Jones in the Knightsbridge clinic, Lisa has many loyal celebrity clients including Lizzy Cundy and Jilly Johnson who frequently enjoy the treatments and products on offer.

Lisa Harris Skin Science is designed for those who want to reach optimum results with their skin’s health and beauty, but would like to do so without partaking in surgery. With the vast treatments and products available, this is your chance to create positive change within your skin and allow it to be as healthy as possible.

One of Lisa’s exclusive treatments is the Collagen Wave. A┬áconsistent performer in terms of providing healthy, younger and rejuvenated skin, Collagen Wave is a firm favourite with celebrities including Kylie Minogue and Amanda Holden. It has also cemented itself as one of the most long-lasting and effective non-surgical skin treatments.

Using radio frequency combined with ultrasound waves, the process of Collagen Wave heats up the epidermis encouraging new collagen formation. Painless, effective and long-lasting, this non-surgical procedure lifts and tightens the skin giving you a youthful glow. Simply done via machine and probe, the operator gently glides the probe over the skin, allowing the radio frequency energy to work its magic by lifting and contouring the skin.

In order to receive the full benefit of the treatment, it’s recommended that you endure between 4 and 10 treatments spaced 1 to 4 weeks apart depending on your age, genetics and the extent of response. Top-up treatments may also be required every so often keep your skin looking as radiant as ever.

Another of Lisa’s exclusive treatments is Lipofirm Pro. Combining two technologies (TriLipo Radio frequency and TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation), Lipofirm Pro creates a synergistic effect delivering non-invasive fat removal as well as lymphatic drainage.

In addition, the skin is tightened leaving you feeling youthful and replenished. If you feel you could benefit from focused fat reduction, wrinkle reduction and cellulite improvement, as well as several other positive lasting effects, Lipofirm Pro could be the exclusive treatment for you.

A professional service provided by a trusted local brand, Lisa Harris Skin Science could put you on the path to replenishing and retaining your skin’s optimum state.

Products on offer have all been trialled and tested by Lisa Harris and the skin science team of experts, meaning you can rest assured that you’d be receiving only the highest quality products and treatments.

Their extensive knowledge places you in safe hands – Lisa Harris Skin Science is one of few clinics able to offer such treatments and with 25 years worth of experience in the industry, the clinic is one of Weybridge’s true hidden gems.

Why not pop by for your free consultation? A clean, warm environment awaits you – step into the world of Lisa Harris Skin Science today.