Fix Your Things for Free at Guildford Repair Café!

Instead of throwing away your beloved but broken things, bring them to one of the Guildford Repair Cafés and their skilled team can help you repair them, free of charge!

Repair Café is an international movement that encourages people to think about re-using and repairing items rather than throwing them away.

By promoting repairs, Guildford Repair Café is saving local residents’ domestic items from landfill, so that they can continue enjoying the items that they love! Not only that, the Repair Café develops everyday skills, reduces waste, saves money and resources, reduces CO2 emissions and encourages a more sustainable community.

Their skilled team, made up of local volunteers, are ready to give practical advice and help effect any possible repairs to broken household items brought along by residents free of charge.

The first repair cafe is on October 29th from 10am-midday at Park Barn Community Centre, check the poster below for the rest of the dates.

guildford Repair Café