Guildford! C4’s Reality Show Tattoo Fixers is on the Hunt for Your Ink Mistakes…

Who hasn’t got a cringe-worthy, regrettable tattoo that once upon a drunken time seemed like the most spontaneously brilliant thing to ever be done in the history of all liberating things?

Well, I haven’t. But that’s me.. so no judging. Really.

If you’ve got some outrageous or even embarrassing ink on your body screaming to be hidden away until the end of times, you can get that fixed!

Channel 4’s Tattoo Fixers is on the hunt for your tattoo catastrophes for a new series coming up. By participating, you’ll get the chance to have it covered up by one of the UK’s top team of ink artists in the East London pop-up parlour.

The show has until now seen all the clichés on the book, from mis-spelt words to exes names and soap star lookalikes.

They promise to transform your excuse of a tat into a true work of art, so prepare your words because you’re bound to become speechless.