Guildford Named 34th Best Place to Live in the UK

Not a bad result in our opinion – although we’d definitely like to see Guildford continue climbing the list next year!

The annual “Quality of Life Survey’ carried out by Halifax bank has seen Guildford place at number 34 on the list, beating the likes of Harrogate, Westminster and Wiltshire. The survey, which takes into account a variety of different aspects including personal wellbeing, wealth and life expectancy, has crowned Winchester, Hampshire as the best place to live in the UK.

Our town Guildford placed at a respectable 34, and whilst we’d personally like to see it reach an even higher spot next year, we can’t complain about 34th! Other areas that are taken into account when conducting the survey include health and crime rates, whilst the number of pubs, health clubs and leisure centres are also being considered from this year onwards.

Resident happiness is also factored into the equation and we’re pretty sure we would have scored highly in that category – perhaps over the next year we need to build a few more pubs and then we’d be all set for the top spot!

Winchester’s citizens, on average, take in significantly more earnings on a weekly basis than the UK average – almost 30 percent more. This factor, as well as their health being above the national average and having an incredibly low crime rate, allowed them to take the crown at the top spot.

Richmondshire, Rugby and Richmond upon Thames lay just above Guildford at 33rd, 32nd and 31st respectively, letting us know who our closest competitors are and who to beat next year!

What are your thoughts?


Photo Credit: In article photo – Daniel Hannington.