Sixteen people charged in drink and drug driving crackdown

Surrey police have charged 16 people in the second week of the nationwide drink and drug driving crackdown this June.

The June campaign is a part of the year-round strategy to remove drink and drug drivers from the roads, and this month’s efforts are proving successful.

Chief Inspector Phil Nicholas, said: “People who drink or take drugs and get behind the wheel have slower reaction times, struggle to concentrate and can behave more erratically on the roads, putting both themselves and other people in danger.

“We will not tolerate drug-driving and would urge anyone who thinks they know someone who is driving after taking drugs to contact us urgently so that we can act.”

Before starting the crackdown, the Surrey police went out warning the public, stating that they would “name and shame” drivers who put other people at risk by being reckless.

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In the two weeks, 29 people have been charged and a further seven have been arrested.

Chief Inspector Phil Nicholas, said: “Everyone knows that there are people who will get behind the wheel after drinking or taking drugs without thinking about the consequences.

“It is only when you see the condition that some of those arrested are in that it really hits home how dangerous their behaviour is. We have found motorists who couldn’t stand, who couldn’t talk and some who struggled even to open their eyes when we pulled them over.”

Last year’s efforts saw 143 people were arrested in Sussex and 91 in Surrey, and this year the police have been implementing stop checks in areas that have a history of drink driving.

If you know someone is driving while over the limit or after taking drugs call 999 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.