Sticky rice, tight dress, ska-punk and love

This is the first in a series of blogs from Guildford-based blogger Hannan who talks about married life, places to go, work, food, fashion and generally everyday ‘Things that make my brain go round…’ as her blog is entitled. A lovely, original and charismatic insight into Guildford from a northern lass that has adopted Our Town as her new home!

Dresses with waistbands that make you feel sicky,
Thai food with noodles and rice that’s so sticky,
Ska-punk and punk-rock and dancing with friends,
These are a few of our Date Night happenings…

I am loving being married to The Boy. But when you are married sometimes you have to work really hard to make the other one get tingly tummy butterflies. This means sometimes you have to say “Sit down The Boy, don’t get up. What do you need, a brew? Slippers? I shall help you.” Or maybe it means listening to me when I casually mention how I need new pyjamas which “HAVE to be boys long pyjamas and HAVE to have pockets and HAVE to be cosycosy” and then surprising me by buying them! Or it could mean a little hand squeeze when we are walking down the road or a cuddle in the kitchen just… because. It might mean a text saying “You’re RADIANT!” or a love note on the mirror.

And sometimes it means planning a superb date night. The Boy and I are mega into dates and this week we decided to do the ‘50/50 Date’ which involves one of us choosing the first part (food time) and the other deciding what we do after! It is fun because it means you only know half of your date and the rest is a secret surprise! I thought I would share with you what we did on our date because it is interesting. Maybe you will agree. Let’s see!

Last night I decided we were going to go eat at the Thai Terrace in Guildford because I’d heard it was magnificent and it is up at the top of a building with a lift which is always a bit fun. We got all zhuzhed up (like shushed but with a z sound like in treasure, how does one spell that??) and rode the lift to the top. Obviously because it’s us we hadn’t booked a table (we only decided to have date night that afternoon to be fair) so we were told to wait in the lounge bar area. It was super snazz and we got some drinks and sat on the sofas. The restaurant is beautiful and had a wonderful buzz about it, everyone talkytalking and sharing their lives. We hardly had to wait long at all before a table was ready and we sat down and ordered our food.

Now, I’d chosen to wear a lovely dress that I have had for ages, but unfortunately being married makes people put on weight (apparently) and my dress was way tight. So tight in fact that I started having difficulty living and felt like I might fly up into the clouds in one more moment. I was trying hard to listen to The Boy’s fanciful tales and gorgeous man-voice but was so distracted by the squeezing of my tummy and lungs that I began forming an emergency vomit plan in my head (drop your napkin, head under table, take phone out of bag, sick into bag…) such was my nausea. In most situations it is always good to have an emergency vomit plan. Tip number 1.

When the food arrived I began to eat and eventually I started to feel better. The food was delicious and arrived very quickly. The Boy had chicken curry and sticky rice and I had veggie noodles. There was a slight confusion when my noodles arrived as the egg in the noodles looked suspiciously like chicken. I don’t like eating chickens or other animals so it perturbed me that I had been presented with one. I was assured however that it was egg and that tiny drama was over quickly as it was in fact egg! Those naughty eggs are always trying to look like their mummies aren’t they! I enjoyed the bit where The Boy got sticky rice stuck on his face (it really is sticky!) and couldn’t manage to find it for a long time. Hahaha. How silly.

After our meal The Boy revealed our after-dinner activity which was a gig at The Boileroom. I was almost blue at this point (remember the dress situation?) so we bobbed home so I could get me ol’ jeans and converse on. It was at this point I noticed I’d been wearing my new leggings with the gigantic price tag out the back all evening (not the first time that’s happened). Typical. That possibly didn’t help my discomfort. Always take out cardboard labels. Tip number 2.

We got to the Boileroom and I had to wait outside with the friendly bouncers while George paid in and went for cashback at the bar to get me in (it was like that logic puzzle where you try to get the chicken, grain and fox across the river in a tiny boat). Once in we met my brother and sister in law and had a grand old time dancing and smiling. I love venues like the Boileroom because you don’t have to worry about wearing a party frock or being special and smart you can just be nice and relaxed and have a good dance.

Vicki and I found a prime location on a bench at the back. Excellent view and minimum chance of local moshers smashing my beer bottle into my teeth whilst I was drinking. Perfect. We saw a brill band called Mike TV who were playing with a couple of other bands (including the JB Conspiracy of which my bro-in-lo used to be a member! Woooo!) in an event called Stevestock. It was a charity event raising money in memory of a man called Steve Kelsey who died earlier this year of a brain tumor. The gig raised money for Macmillan Midhurst and Rosemary nurses. That is a kind and lovely thing to do and I was touched that all these sweaty, ska-punk, party-hard beer men would meet in a little awesome venue to dance and have fun in memory of their friend AND raise money to help others with similar illnesses.

The world fights back in the name of love once again and I like it 🙂

Had a fab date night. I encourage you to check out the Thai Terrace and the Boileroom as they provide for different but equally inspiring dates with husbands, wives, lovers and friends.

Hannan 🙂

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