Style tip of the week: Movember!

Welcome to Rebecca Symonds seasonal fashion blog. Rebecca is locally born and bred and runs a local business called Rebecca’s Room Knitting where you can buy handmade knitwear. She has been sewing since her mother would trust her with sharp objects and this started an interest in fashion at a young age. Locally educated, Rebecca studied at University College of the Arts in Farnham, however, in her early thirties she suffered a stroke and woke up paralysed down one side, unable to talk. As part of her rehabilitation she took up knitting and hasn’t stopped click-clacking since! She gets her inspiration from looking at people in the street, long country walks with her dog and the necessity of keeping warm living in a cold rural cottage!

A quick scan around your local supermarket after office hours will reveal some slightly surprising facial hair. A lucky month for the ladies and lads who love a ‘tache, but not a great look if its not your thing- either way, it is for a very good cause. Movember returns as a charity fundraiser and awareness campaign for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer. The idea is that the sprouting of new facial hair can spark a conversation (why are you looking like a dodgy ‘70’s film star?!) with the proud Mo owner then feeling able to bring up the subject of men’s health. Clever eh?

So in tribute to this fine jumble of fashion and fundraising I have gathered up some quirky Movember accessories from some of my fellow Etsy shop owners from the South of England. They have found inspiration from the month of Movember, have you?

LittleAnnisa has fashioned an adorable baby-Mo-gro as pictured to the right in the main image. It is hand finished and with 10% of the sale being sent to Movember UK it’s a great way to stay with the trends whilst also doing a little bit to help. At the bottom we have a picture of the Swing lo Mo! MissJDesigns has her Mo laser cut in acrylic to make a necklace, mounted on a black chain, a nice way for ladies who want to show their support but are unable to grow their own Mo.

starsNscars make the adjustable ring as shown on the left of the top image- simply slip on your finger, place above your lip and you have an instant moustache! Again, £1 from each sale will go to Movember UK so it’s for a good cause.

Personally, I like the real thing, not on me obviously, but I have my very own bro with a Mo and I think that whole meals and maybe some small animals have been lost in there this year! Sadly he wouldn’t let me share with you the full on 70’s furriness currently occupying his face so no pictures of that for now.

Sooooo many ways to show your support this month and encourage those tricky misters to look after themselves!

Rebecca Symonds

Movember 2