Why Do I Need a Personal Stylist? – Style by Daryl Downing

Why Do I Need a Personal Stylist?

Do you know what a stylist or personal shopper does?
Most importantly do you know what I can do for you?

My job is to make you look amazing and feel more confident, while saving you time and money!
Most people spend a lot of money buying items that will never suit them. They either don’t know how to wear an item or don’t have anything that goes with it.

I can help to assess your body shape, colouring and style personality as well as translate this into a capsule wardrobe of items that will suit you and your personality. Most importantly they will be items that suit your lifestyle, age and budget. They will also be hard working items that can be worn in numerous different combinations. This really can take the stress out of early morning dressing.

Five days of style that works.

Starting with the wardrobe that you already have, I can look at your clothes and give you new ways to wear them. It is amazing how many items can be easily updated with a few accessories or just by combining them in different ways. I will then provide you with a list of any items that may be missing from your wardrobe and help you to source these.

If you come on a shopping trip, the items will already be put aside for you to try in the shops that I think will suit you and your lifestyle. I will then help you to see how they can be worn and accessorised. This makes shopping fun and stress free.

The women that I most often work with are new mums who are returning to work or who just aren’t sure how to dress for their new lifestyle and often very different body shape. I also work with women who are unsure of how to incorporate trends into their wardrobes or who would like to know how to make themselves look their best as they age or their shape changes.

With a new season just starting and Christmas parties just around the corner I will be very busy over the next few months making local women look and feel fabulous! Why not let it be you!

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