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We recently had a chat with the oh-so-funny Eleanor Conway ahead of her Walk of Shame tour, which stops off at G-Live on Friday 19 May. We spoke about her upcoming show, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Tinder!

TIOT: So for some of our readers that may not know you, can you give yourself a brief introduction?

Eleanor: Hi I’m Eleanor Conway. Some of you may recognise me… from Tinder. Ah just kidding… I’m an ex music journo turned comedian and I’m currently on tour with my debut show Walk of Shame which is a show about the extremes I go to in life and the places that it takes me.

TIOT: You’ll be embarking on the Walk of Shame tour, fresh from a stint at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. What was the reception like there, how did that go?

Eleanor: Oh it was amazing, I went up with no expectations, no PR and just wanted to go up and tell my story to people and begin to find my audience. And I can say I didn’t need to go looking… They came and found me. To play to a full house each night with a show you sat in your flat and wrote, is genuinely brilliant, and more than I could have asked for for my first solo show. I’ve been lucky and blessed and I’m thankful that comedy came and found me at the right time.

TIOT: Your humour is quite honest and you focus on almost taboo topics, like sex, Tinder and alcohol. How do your life experiences translate into your comedy? Where do you get your inspiration from?

Eleanor: Comedy is all about the honesty and when you’re ready to be honest on stage it can be very liberating. I hope that I cover those topics with a different slant; rather than your usual Tinder chat it’s more about how crazy I am about those vices and what that says about me.

TIOT: How did you get into comedy?

Eleanor: I was putting on comedy nights and doing the odd bit of MC’ing all the while wanting to but not quite having the balls to do standup properly. But then I got sober and everything changed, and I had to find something to focus on. So I wrote this show quite obsessively, previewed it to death and then took up to the fringe and the rest is history…

TIOT: Describe the show in three words?

Eleanor: See, For, Yourself!

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