Fire Tackled at Kingston Mosque


Kingston Mosque on East Road was victim to a serious fire that occurred at around 5.50pm yesterday, June 9.

Yesterday’s fire was discovered on the roof of the mosque, just behind the sisters’ prayer area. At the time there were children inside the mosque, who were evacuated promptly and safely.


There was some significant damage to the middle section of the mosque and parts of the roof remain badly damaged.

Kingston Mosque, said: “The extent of the damage will become clearer over the next 24 – 48hrs as our insurers get involved to look at rebuilding and repairing that part of the masjid.”

Due to the fire Kingston Mosque is closed, but St Luke’s Church situated on Burton, has opened their doors to the Muslim community and will provide them with a temporary area to pray within.

Faisal Hanjra, a Board of Trustees member, said that St Luke’s had been very kind to allow them to pray at the church.

This is a short term plan and Kingston Mosque trustees hope to get a more permanent location soon. They want to also ensure that worshippers at Kingston mosque have somewhere to pray for the beginning of Ramadam, which begins in eight days.

The fire brigade visited the mosque today and ruled out negligence and anything suspicious as a source of the fire and it has been deemed an accident.

The mosque is now waiting for insurance to come in and further assess the damage to try and establish a cause.

mosque2Kingston Mosque was first established on Burton Road in 1979. At first it was just a regular building where the Muslim community could go to pray, but in 1985 it was converted into a fully functional mosque, due to the donations of generous donors.

The mosque currently accommodates over 800 attendees with some travelling 15 miles to visit the mosque. Kingston upon Thames is home to over six thousand Muslims and prides itself on its strong connections with the Muslim community.

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Image Credit: Michael Quirke