Richmond WW1 grenade factory to feature in BBC radio documentary

A World War One hand grenade factory in Richmond is set to feature in a BBC radio series that will be broadcasted later this year.


The series will tell the stories of London neighbourhoods where many of the wounded were treated, prisoners of war were held, front–line supplies were produced and where war heroes were buried.


The series will be a partnership between the Imperial War Museum and the BBC and will span the length of the World War One centenary.


The series will also tell the story of how hundreds of thousands of Belgians fled to Britain throughout the wartime period after the invasion of German forces. As many British men were sent to the frontline to fight for the war effort, the British government encouraged Belgian refugees to also contribute by working in UK factories producing arms, ammunition and grenades.


As a result, more than 60,000 Belgians contributed and 500 companies were established in the process, one of them being a hand grenade factory called Pelabon Works in Richmond.


The BBC is currently researching the home front in London and is now bringing to life the stories about real Londoners on the radio, television and online.


BBC London will broadcast a new story each weekday at 8.15am and at varying times throughout the day from Monday 24 February to Friday 28 February.


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Written by Dan Brown


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