UK Coffee Week: Your Top 5 Picks

Photo: Fabienne Barratt

This week (9 – 16 April) is UK Coffee Week. Here in the Richmond borough, we’re lucky enough to have a coffee shop to enjoy on almost every corner. Earlier this week, we asked you to submit your favourites, and here are the five coffee shops that came out on top.

Vineyard Community Centre
The Vineyard, Richmond, TW10 6AQ

Opening in 2012 and situated in the centre of Richmond, the Vineyard Community Centre has become a staple source of support for locals in need. Just one element of their fantastic support hubs is their community cafe, which is open to everyone for lunch, afternoon tea and more. Our followers were keen to point out that not only are they working tirelessly to support those in need, they serve up a pretty marvellous cup of coffee, too. Why not stop by, get your caffeine fix and help out a wonderful cause?

Gelateria Danieli
16 Brewers Lane, Richmond, TW9 1HH

Strictly speaking, Gelateria Danieli is an ice cream shop, not a coffee shop. But the people of Richmond have spoken, suggesting that if you’re looking for a fine cup of coffee, you’re definitely going to find one here. This family-owned business, offering almost every sorbet and ice cream flavour under the sun, was started in the heart of Richmond and has since expanded further into London and into the neighbouring borough of Kingston upon Thames. Our followers describe the coffee as ‘incomparable’, especially if you go for a shot of espresso over a scoop of creamy gelato!

39 Crown Road, Twickenham, TW1 3EJ

This charming coffee shop has been offering the ‘finest cup in the borough’ since 2011. They’re all about serving up true, top quality customer service to the local community and offering only the finest artisanal coffees, teas and locally sources pastries. Get your day off to a fist-pumping start with Grounded – they’re passionate about what they do, and soon, so will you be.

Amazing latte this afternoon

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The Square, Richmond, TW9 1DZ

They describe themselves as ‘a place with soul’, and our followers reckon they’ve undoubtedly cracked the code to a class cup of coffee. You can’t get much closer to the heart of Richmond than Coffeeology, making it a prime space for a healthy dose of people-watching. Coffee is their speciality, cakes are their secret weapon and a cool, chilled ambiance is what they pride themselves on.

Table for 2?😉

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35 King St, Twickenham, TW1 3SD

Now we certainly do like to support local, independent businesses as much as we can, but we’re not entirely adverse to a chain once in a while, especially if Esquires is as good as our followers say. It’s a relatively new branch, opening up in Twickenham less than two months ago, but it’s already proving a massive hit with the locals. Described as charismatic, relaxing and most importantly, dog friendly, this new addition to Twickenham looks set to become a permanent favourite. Our followers say it’s one of the best cups of coffee in the area!

Did your go-to make the list? Where is your favourite place to grab a cup of coffee in the Richmond borough?