Away With the Fairies in Colliers Wood

If you go down to the woods today you’re in for a big surprise…well Wandle Park to be more precise.

Fairy doors have been popping up all over Wandle Park during the last few weeks and reigniting our beliefs in fairies. The creative mind behind the fairy magic of Colliers Wood, Deborah Burrows, has been overwhelmed by how locals, both young and old, have responded to the doors appearances.

She has been sent many kind messages from people telling her how lovely it was to find them with their children and how the simple act of searching for fairies can make going for a walk in the park more exciting, even in the cold weather!

Deborah, a mum of two young girls, understands how important it is to keep the magic alive so decided to bring some of the magic from her home to everyone in the area. She has definitely succeed and helped to bring a smile to locals faces. So far there are four doors up in Wandle Park with accessories to go along with each door. A fifth door will be going up soon in Coffee in the Woods.

Deborah is really excited to move from the park to local venues and businesses to see how people respond to them. When asked what drives her Deborah responded “I just love fairies and making fairy things! I hope what I’m doing will make people feel warm and fuzzy inside and ask the question, are fairies real?”

Deborah has since inspired other people to start their own local fairy project with five doors appearing in Thornberry to help spread the magic further. With intentions to make more doors and put them up around the area be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the fairies of Colliers Wood next time you’re out and about!

For more information on Fairies of Colliers Wood visit their Facebook and Instagram pages.

By Laura Megatli