An experience to shout about at Bill’s

There is a chain of restaurants called Bills. You might know them?

They have about twenty-three restaurants across the UK, with ten in the London area alone, one more opening soon in Kensington. My friend, who has a 15 month old introduced me to the Wimbledon branch back in March, and I’ve been there a few times with other people since.

Getting into Wimbledon our first port of call was Bill’s restaurant, as Little Man needed his bottle and I, to be perfectly honest needed a coffee. I don’t function without the black stuff nowadays!

Ah Bill’s, (they are so lovely there! Very family and pram friendly. The waiters are always chatting to the children and helping Mums with highchairs and prams.)

When we arrived the tables were outside in the sunshine, all the windows and doors had been flung open to allow all that lovely warm sunshine, yet cool breeze to penetrate through the restaurant.

We were immediately greeted at the door, by I’m assuming the Manager. He told me I could sit anywhere and so I chose a quiet table over on the far side.

I was offered some water which I accepted, then ordered scrambled egg and bacon on toast (which is amazing at Bill’s) and a strong coffee! While I waited, I started to feed Little Man, who by this time was chomping away on his Sophie La Giraffe toy.

During the feed, my breakfast arrived, steaming hot, and smelling fantastic. It was torture because I have to still use both hands to feed Little Man. He’s not grasped holding a bottle yet, so I stared at this plate of pure heaven for about fifteen minutes, while Little Man drank, then stopped for a breather, a look around, bit of a cough, then back to the bottle!

Why is it when you have food waiting for you, does the baby take longer to drink, or fuss more at the teat?

After nearly twenty minutes of slow drinking and smiling at me then going back and drinking again, that’s Little Man not me, the Manager came over to my table. I think he thought there was something wrong with the food! ”How are you getting on?” he asked.

I explained I was used to eating cold food after six months of feeding, and he offered to take over and then, hesitated and quickly said ‘actually why don’t I keep this food warm for you and you let me know when you’re ready?’ How wonderful!! What a Man!

Off into the kitchen with my plate of loveliness he went. Within minutes he was back, I thought, to tell me that it was under the plate warmer and to let him know when I wanted it! But, no, even though breakfast was officially over, (they were offering their lunch menu), he said that Chef would make me a fresh plate of eggs and bacon as soon as I wanted it, not to worry, and to take my time!

WOW! I have to say I’ve not come across that level of customer service for a long, long time, and especially with a baby on board. Ok Costa do always carry my tray to the table for me but I have to ask them and it’s always done begrudgingly! I was so hungry by then, I would have eaten the cold food happily, but he showed a lot of kindness and consideration that you don’t get a lot of these days!


Sarah Bennett