Lebanese at Bosa Kitchen – Review

Bosa Kitchen is bringing Lebanese cuisine to Merton. While the restaurant may seem small from the outside, Bosa Kitchen is big on service, value for money and portion sizes.

A family run business, Bosa Kitchen has been open for over 3 years. Upon entering the restaurant soft lighting helps create a warm ambience whilst Sam and his staff are welcoming, attentive and happy to recommend dishes throughout your meal.

Our eyes were most definitely bigger than our bellies when it came to ordering our food. We started off with the soup of the day which was Lentil Soup, warm and filling just what you need on cold days.

Wanting to try a bit of everything we the had the Mezze platter for two. This included Houmous, Falafel, Moutabal, Moussaka, Warak Inab, Batata Hara and Tabbouleh and was all served with warm flatbread. The Cheese Sambousek also caught our eye so we just had to order that too! The Batata Hara (potatoes) were deceptively spicy and packed a bit of a punch which we weren’t quite ready for as to the eye the looked like fried potatoes…extremely tasty but consider yourself warned. The stuffed vine leaves were some of the best we’ve ever had; succulent and flavoursome, a perfect starter. We’d recommend going for the Mezze Platter as a sharer to start so you get to try a wide variety of the incredible food Bosa Kitchen has to offer.

Next up was mains. We ordered the Lamb Mashwe, Chicken Touk and Lamb Shawarma. The Chicken was our absolute favourite. Skewers of charcoal-grilled marinated chicken served with homemade garlic sauce. There were so many great flavours and it seemed to melt in your mouth. The rich smoky taste reminds you of summer BBQs and made us look forward to the days getting longer and coming back to Bosa Kitchen to feast on their food outside in the sun. The Lamb Mashwe was incredible. Our pet peeve is when lamb is cooked till it’s bone dry but we needn’t have worried. The lamb was gloriously moist helping to accentuate the rich flavours. These came with generous sides of either chips or rice. To accompany our mains we also ordered salad, olives and Soujouk, homemade spicy pan-fried sausages with garlic, chill and fresh tomatoes. This may have been the point when our belly realised the mistake our eyes had made. Our feast was enough to feed four grown adults, but not ones to be easily defeated we powered through. It’s probably a good time to point out that Bosa Kitchen are more than happy to box up your leftovers for you to take home.

Finally we rounded off our meal with black tea with mint leaves which was wonderfully refreshing, and Baklava which was still warm from the oven and gloriously sticky and sweet.

Bosa Kitchen also does takeaway so you can enjoy the taste of Lebanese cuisine from the comfort of your sofa. For a meal with a difference that won’t break the bank, head to Bosa Kitchen this Spring and support a local family business that will treat you like one of their own.