Famous Faces from Putney

Marc Bolan

Probably Putney’s most famous resident was Marc Bolan, lead singer of T.Rex, who lived on Schubert Road. He died in a car accident on Queen’s Ride, Barnes in 1977. He was only 29.

Photo by Siebbi used under CC-BY-SA 3.0

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan attended Elliott School now known as Ark Putney Academy after moving with his mother from Ireland when he was 10.

John Deacon

John Deacon bass player of Queen has lived in Putney for many years. After Freddie Mercury’s death, Deacon retired from the music industry and now lives life out of the limelight.

Photo by Alan Light

Jim Henson

Jim Henson, the genius behind The Muppets, both rented workshop space in Rotherwood Road.

Photo: George Caulfield under CC-BY-SA 4.0

Robin Knox-Johnston

Robin Knox-Johnston who was the first person to circumnavigate the globe non-stop in his yacht Sunhaili in 1968 was born in Putney in 1939

Bobby Moore

West Ham star and England captain Bobby Moore spent the latter part of his life in Putney until his death from cancer at the age of 51.

Daley Thompson

Former double-Olympic decathlete champion Daley Thompson has lived in the area for many years and opened a gym called Daley Fitness on the Upper Richmond Road in 2015.

Clive Dunn

Clive Dunn best known for playing Corporal Jones in Dad’s Army lived Kenilworth Court in the 60s. Despite his aged look he was actually one of the youngest members of the platoon.

Portrait by Hans Holbein

Thomas Cromwell

Thomas Cromwell, who held various high-ranking roles in the government of Henry VIII including Chancellor of the Exchequer, was born in Putney circa 1485. He was executed at the Tower of London in 1540. Eastenders star Danny Dyer discovered Cromwell was his 15x great-grandfather on Who Do You Think You Are?.

Captain Oates

Captain Lawrence Oates who sacrified his life for the sake of others with the words “I’m going out out, I may be some time”, on Robert Scott’s ill-fated Antarctic expedition was born in Putney in 1880. He died aged 32.