Restaurant Review: Wahaca in Wimbledon

Wahaca is a Mexican restaurant serving traditional dishes inspired by a love of fresh, Mexican market food.There are Wahaca restaurants based in several popular locations across London including Southbank and Covent Garden, and last month a new branch opened right here in Wimbledon. This week I visited Wimbledon’s newest eatery to enjoy an evening meal, Mexican style!

Mexican food appears to be enjoying a popularity surge at the moment, with fashionable restaurants popping up all over the place. Wahaca certainly taps into this with its urban décor and lively atmosphere, which will appeal to customers who are looking for an authentic, marketplace-like dining experience.

There’s only one way to start a Mexican meal, and that’s with an order of tortilla chips with a tasty dip. We opted for the frijoles, which are creamy black beans, served with grated cheese and sour cream. The beans tasted great with the crispy tortilla chips and made for a great appetizer, even if we would have liked a little more.

Wahaca 1

When it comes to main dishes, Wahaca’s menu really does have a vast selection of Mexican delights. Their ‘Street Food’ section features a great choice of tacos, tostadas, taquitos and quesadillas all served with a variety of different meats, salads and cheeses. The ‘Platos Fuertes’ options offer slightly larger meals including burritos, salads and grilled meats. After a bit of deliberation, I went for the classic steak served in a Mexican style with green rice, charred spring onions and a salsa sauce. My dining companion ordered the chicken burrito with chipotle, onions and spices.

After a short wait our food arrived and looked fantastic on the plate. As a steak lover I was excited to sink my teeth into my meal and see what Mexican twist it had to offer. The meat was exceptionally well cooked, with a chargrilled taste that was well accompanied by the spicy salsa dip. The green rice had a strong herbed flavour that certainly packed a real punch, even if it wasn’t quite to my personal taste. The spicy chicken burrito was flavourful and filled with tender meat, shredded cabbage, green rice, beans and avocado salsa all wrapped in a toasted soft tortilla.

Wahaca 4Wahaca 3


All in all Wahaca offers a unique, marketplace-like experience that is very reasonably priced. So, if you are a fan of Mexican food or just fancy trying something a little different, then Wahaca is definitely worth a visit.


Written by Michael Hill

Small Images by Michael Hill

Main image from Wahaca website