REVIEW: Brunch with an Argentinian Flair at CAU

With their Argentina-inspired cuisine, CAU has had great success in the UK with restaurants all over the country and even venturing into Amsterdam. They have recently introduced their brunch menu and we were invited to check it out.

We started out with the Peaches & Cream cocktailMimosa and a Frappé with spiced rum and coffee liquor – the perfect way to start the day if you ask us. The cocktails were all delicious and light, not too sweet nor too bitter.

For food we went for CAU BenedictFlatbread with Chorizo and Sweet Potato Pancakes with Goat’s Cheese.

The CAU Benedict, eggs Benedict with a blue cheese Hollandaise sauce and Yerba smoked-beef, was a tasty and unique twist on a classic brunch dish. The blue cheese Hollandaise sauce was particularly good. The eggs were perfectly cooked, with runny yolks, but unfortunately the smoked-beef got a little lost in all the other different flavours and we would have loved to taste more of it.

The Flatbread with Chorizo had a good and strong flavour with big chunks of delicious chorizo. The menu explained it as flatbread with chorizo, mozzarella and caramelised onions, but sadly there were no onions to be found when it was served. The dish could have done with a little bit more mozzarella and could have been bigger in general. It was a bit too basic and seemed more like a tapas dish than a meal, which was a shame as the chorizo excelled our expectations.

The Sweet Potato Pancakes were excellent. Topped with goat’s cheese, rocket and sticky onions they are definitely one to recommend. The goat’s cheese melted on the tongue and tasted delicious combined with the onions. The pancakes were soft and not too thick and heavy, which made the balance between pancake and topping great. This is a good option for vegetarians but we could have done with bigger pancakes and a bit more of everything.

All in all, we would not recommend going here on an empty stomach, since all the brunch dishes were fairly small, especially considering the price. However, the dishes were very tasty, with interesting and different flavours from the standard brunch. The service was great and the waitress was very smiley which made us feel welcome. She made sure we had what we needed and was quick to take our orders.

Visit their website here for more information.