Seeking All Photographers in Wimbledon

Photo: Previous winner Elise Jacob

Youmanity is holding their annual photography competition and this year’s theme is The Everyday Heroine. The competition is free to enter and the aim is to raise awareness of an important social issue, this year it is focusing on gender discrimination.

“Equality between the genders is not about ‘pink and pretty’ but about social values and validation. When the heroine is bold and determined – society tends to shun and criticize – here we praise and thank,” Youmaity wrote on their website.

Both professional and amateur photographers from all over the world can take part. As a photographer you keep 100% copyright to the photos you submit and you can submit photos previously published. The deadline is 16 June. Read more about the competition here.

Youmanity is a charity organisation based in London. They work for multi-culturalism, social integration and human rights. They organise several cultural projects every year including this photography competition.

So grab your camera and get a snapshot of your everyday heroine, whether it’s mums, policewomen, teachers or girlfriends.