Tesco Shoppers Battle for a Bargain in New Malden

The moment a group of elderly Tesco shoppers lost their minds over reduced fruit and veg has been captured on camera.

Customer Ryan Anthony tweeted the footage he’d captured at Tesco’s New Malden branch on Sunday 5 March. The shocking video, which lasts for 45 seconds, shows around ten customers almost clambering over each other and clawing at the shelves in an attempt to pick up a quick bargain.

The chaotic scenes led to an elderly woman being shoved aside and a Tesco employee injuring his ankle. Punnets of grapes and packets of mushrooms can be seen being thrown into baskets in a Hunger Games-esque scenario, whilst one man can be seen walking away with reduced items piled up to his chin.

Ryan Anthony later referred to the incident as ‘disgusting’, whilst people in the video can be heard exclaiming “Tesco’s going off with the reduced section!” and “Oh my God, all we wanted was some sausages!”

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