Wimbledon Families Missing Out On Time Together Outside

A study has found that families in London are spending less time together outside than in other areas of the country.

The study, carried out by leading car care provider Armor All, has found that London-based families are missing out on crucial time together outside, with nearly half (49%) of parents in the capital saying that they haven’t played outside with their children in two weeks. Almost a fifth (17%) stated that they hadn’t done so in two months.

London parents were also found to be three times more likely to sit inside and watch TV instead of play sport with their children, whilst gardening was found to be the least popular activity for families to do together – just 8% said they would get their hands dirty and do some weeding together.

The research also indicated that nearly a third (31%) of all children had never washed a car – a once family-favourite pastime perfect for summer family bonding. Therefore, Armor All are hoping to encourage more families to get out and spend some time in the sun, all whilst getting a chore done and dusted.

Paul Hough, sales and marketing controller at Armor All, said: “Our survey showed that 29% of parents said they don’t think they spend enough time with their children and 39% expressed that they could do more.”

“One in five of those that we spoke to said they had fond memories of doing such an activity with their parents when they were younger, so what better way to help create lasting memories with our own children than helping to bring this retro ritual back.”