You Can Grab A Free Pint At Young’s Pubs This Weekend

Photo: Young's on Twitter

Happy birthday to your friend and ours, Young’s pubs.

The pub group giant, which owns almost 220 pubs throughout the UK, turns 186 today (Thursday 21 September). Their impeccable celebrations won’t just be lasting for one day however, oh no – they’re planning on spreading the party across the whole weekend.

And guess what? You’re invited! You can grab yourself a free pint at one of the many pubs involved, simply by downloading their onTap app.

The offer is valid until Sunday, 24 September. Get downloading!

Photo: Young’s on Twitter

It’s sort of like going to an acquaintance’s birthday party despite not being all that bothered about them solely because they’re gonna be having a chocolate fountain.

If you’re planning on claiming your free pint and then discarding the app into the infinite cyberspace bin, think again – the onTap app is actually pretty useful.

It allows you to locate all of their pubs, book tables, split and pay your bill, change the pub’s music and find out what special events they’re hosting. You’ll also get a treat at your local from time to time.

To claim your free birthday pint, simply click the ‘treat’ section followed by the ‘read more’ button under the ‘Your Young’s Day FREE Pint’ offer. Then tap ‘CLAIM THIS TREAT’ once you’re ready to order. That last bit is important as the treat expires after 5 minutes.

Wimbledon & Wandsworth have got a fair few Young’s pubs that are taking part in the celebrations. Find them below:

  • The Alexandra, Wimbledon
  • Crooked Billet, Wimbledon
  • Dog & Fox, Wimbledon
  • Fire Stables, Wimbledon
  • Hand In Hand, Wimbledon
  • Rose & Crown, Wimbledon
  • The Loft, Wimbledon
  • Duke on the Green, Fulham
  • The Waterside, Fulham
  • Cock Tavern, Fulham
  • Half Moon, Putney
  • The Boathouse, Putney
  • Duke’s Head, Putney
  • Green Man, Putney
  • Spotted Horse, Putney
  • Coat & Badge, Putney
  • Brewer’s Inn, Wandsworth
  • Queen Adelaide, Wandsworth
  • County Arms, Wandsworth
  • Kings Arms, Wandsworth
  • The Alma, Wandsworth
  • The Ship, Wandsworth
  • The Waterfront, Wandsworth
  • East Hill, Wandsworth

Get more info here.